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SEMPSA Joyería Platería, S.A.

Sempsa JP mainly supplies the Spanish and European market of raw materials in the form of fine metal or alloys in several formats;-wire, sheets, foil, strip, rings, tubes, semis, rods, bars, etc, and refines waste and brushings produced when in the industrial manufacturing of jewels, silver goods and dental prostheses.

About Heimerle + Meule

Founded in 1845, Heimerle + Meule is Germany’s oldest gold and silver refinery, with headquarters based in Pforzheim, Baden-Wurttemberg. In 1960, the company became part of the L.Possehl Group, based in Lubeck. Heimerle + Meule specialises in the recovery and separation of precious metals, as well as being a leading manufacturer of precious metal products. The company has around 250 employees, and provides high quality materials and semi-finished products for jewellery, wedding rings, dentistry, and the electrical and electronics industries.