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Cookson Precious Metals
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United Kingdom

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Quality, Health & Safety & Environmental Policy

The Cookson Precious Metals Birmingham & Hatton Garden sites are both committed to the highest standards of performance in terms of its quality of service to our clients. We listen to our clients, continually reviewing our processes of service realization in line with customer needs, maximizing the efficiency of our integrated management system.

We are committed to minimising our impact on the environment, preventing pollution and protecting the health & safeties of all individuals affected by both our activities and advice, including our employees & the public while in the pursuit of quality supply.

We provide a safe & healthy working environment by ensuring that all personnel are suitably informed, trained or instructed to carry out their work in & safe, healthy & environmentally friendly manner both to themselves, their surroundings & any other individuals who may be affected. We fully assess the risks of our activities & mitigate to reduce impact on Quality, Health, Safety & the Environment – working towards a target of Zero work related accidents or environmental incidents. The principal elements of our policy are:

a) To develop & maintain a Quality, Health, Safety & Environmental Management System satisfying the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001: 2008, 14001:2004 & OHSAS 18001:2007 which forms the framework for achieving continual improvement, complete client satisfaction, reducing health, safety & environmental impact & full realisation of all company objectives.

b) To focus on the requirements of our customers, establishing levels of communication capable of totally determining their needs & expectations.

c) To maintain an accurate knowledge of and comply with all relevant health, safety & environmental legislation, requirements, best practice and guidelines.

d) To maintain an optimum understanding of health, safety & environmental risk & impact associated with our activities & communicate these to our staff, & clients (as appropriate) through training and continually updated knowledge on quality, health, safety & environmental issues.

e) To encourage open debate, input & suggestion for Quality, Health, Safety & Environmental improvement from all of our staff.

f) To establish & maintain an infrastructure capable of supporting all company activities & realising all company objectives.

g) To identify scope for improvement in every aspect of the company's activities, devising & implementing effective solutions throughout the company by means of periodic reviews.

Note: Responsibilities for Quality, Environmental & Health & Safety Management at CPM refer to pages 8 & 13 of the QUENSH Manual, the PPM & The Health & Safety Notice board

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