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Refining & Bullion

State-of-the-art refining available from our facility in Madrid

  • State-of-the-art refining service available from our facility in Madrid
  • Good Delivery status from the LBMA London Bullion Market Association for the supply of gold and silver ingots
  • Silver Webbing

The precious metals industry is increasingly discussing the subject generally termed “green” or “Eco” gold and silver. Various groups are raising significant concerns related to social and environmental issues in the supply chain of precious metals. The numismatic industry needs to be part of the solution.

Sempsa JP have made a significant investment in a dedicated refining line to recycle above the ground stocks of gold and silver. Worn consumer jewellery and giftware will be recycled back into fine gold and silver. The recycling process will be audited to provide a guarantee that only worn consumer jewellery or giftware is recycled into "Ecosilver".